Techno Peak Time Presets for Serum Vol.2

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Elevate Your Techno Revolution with Weltsound's Techno Peak Time Serum Preset Pack Vol. 2!

Unleash the unstoppable energy of Techno's Peak Time Bangers effortlessly with our latest creation – The Techno Peak Time Serum Preset Pack Vol. 2.

Building on the success of our first Serum Preset Pack that helped thousands of producers gain the attention their music deserves, we've listened to your feedback and proudly present Volume 2.

Embark on a sonic journey with our bundle of 105 cutting-edge Serum presets, meticulously curated to deliver electrifying leads, commanding basslines, and mind-bending FX sounds.

Prepare to be more than just a witness to a wild club; become the architect of making the entire venue lose its collective mind. Your Techno revolution starts here with Weltsound!

These SERUM Techno Peak Time Presets will…

• MAKE your tracks BOLDER and DYNAMIC than ever
• DOMINATE the clubs with your music.
• STREAMLINE and support your workflow
• BREAK creative boundaries with inspired sounds
• ENERGIZE your tracks
• ADD DRIVE to your style
• UNLOCK the missing puzzle pieces

We know what producers want, because we’re producers too. Every preset is loaded with flexible parameters. This enables customization of each preset to match your unique vision



This preset pack for xfer Serum will give you

  • 30 x Driving Leads
  • 35 x Badass Basses
  • 20 x Unique Pads
  • 20 x Wild FX
  • Instant Inspiration 

  • Flexible Parameters

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