we are weltsound

For our tight-knit team of top-level House and Techno producers at Weltsound—sharing our sound, experience, and expertise is a labor of love. Our passion is music, and helping producers achieve THEIR goals.
Art and music are best when they’re shared. Music has the power to heal, and the power to change the world for the better. Our contribution is making it easier for producers to create beautiful music, while supporting professionals with the highest quality sounds on the market.
Hey, we’re in this together. These lockdowns mean no raving, and that sucks. While we can’t get together and party and dance our faces off, we want people to be able to create their OWN music. Let’s blanket the world with incredible electronic sound.

Having said that, we focus SOLELY on delivering the sounds that we KNOW and love. That’s why you won’t find any Hip Hop and RnB products here. Not that we don’t love those genres, but that it would be inauthentic for us to deliver something for which we’re not as passionate. The tools we offer are the tools our award winning Techno, House, and TechHouse producers use EVERYDAY.

We want you to benefit from our experience, knowledge, and network. For people like you and me, electronic music isn’t JUST music. It’s a way of life. It’s a culture of its own.
So, even though we can’t BE together—let’s dance together.

Email us at info@weltsound.com and we’ll upload YOUR CREATIONS. We’re building a community here, and we can’t wait to meet you.