Artist Pack - _asstnt "Industrial Romance"


DJ & Producer _asstnt is not only a well known player in the Techno scene, but has redefined the genre of Industrial Techno!

Exclusively on weltsound - here is his first Artist Sample Pack!

Tunes which are setting new standards in the industrial techno genre with a rough, melancholic & badass vibe are all included in this sample pack!

Other DJ's like Regal play his tracks on a regular basis and with his label Opera2000, _asstnt is releasing one banger after another...

Take advantage of his years of experience and dominating the techno stages by accessing his secret sounds to kickstart your own productions.

With his personal Artist Sample Pack, _asstnt delivers all the ingredients to create music that destroys every dance floor! 


    The DJ and producer from Madrid _asstnt, breaks into the underground scene with an industrial, dirty and melancholic sound. A romantic artist with a demonic soul capable of transmitting sweet sentimentality and the crudest violence.  
    Born in Madrid in the early 90s, music was instilled in him as a child as one of the most important arguments in life. It was at the age of 13 when he became interested in her as a form of expression, acquiring his first turntables. 


    Using the right samples from the start makes a huge difference in the finished track.

    _asstnt has included all his signature sounds he’s been stashing up over his entire career for you to use in your own tracks right now and get instant results!

    Get inspired by his sound that has proven to make people go crazy in the club and make your music stand out!

    Samples to DESTROY THE CLUB

    When you know _asstnt's music you know how insanely powerful his tracks sound on big club systems...

    With these powerful sounds, he made his dream of playing gigs across the world happen and is getting huge recognition by other producers & labels. 

    NO compromise 

    Created by _asstnt himself, this pack is what you need, so you can focus on what you do best—creating beautiful music. 

    These sounds are a must-have if you want to create professional-quality Hard & Industrial Techno tracks that blow the minds of your listeners & to get the attention from labels!



    • 20 x Atmos & Pads
    • 30 x Bass Loops
    • 10 x Chord Loops
    • 27 x powerful Kicks
    • 31 x unique Synths 
    • Made for the club
    • 60 x Drum Loops
    • 20 x FX & Noise
    • 10 x signature Claps
    • 10 x agressive Snares
    • Works in any DAW
    • Created by _asstnt 

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