Techno Peak Time Template


Launch Your Peak Time Techno Productions with Weltsound's Ultimate Track Template!

For world-class Peak Time Techno, Weltsound's Techno Peak Time Track Template is your ideal starting point!

Crafted by our seasoned Sound Engineers, who have dedicated years to studying this genre, this template is the ultimate kickstart for your productions, ensuring your music gets the attention it truly deserves.

Loaded with Ableton native instruments, MIDI files, and high-end samples, this template provides the perfect foundation for your music to blast off into the techno stratosphere.

Please note: This template is exclusively designed for Ableton 10 or 11, offering a seamless experience tailored to your production needs. 

THE ultimate  Track foundation  

This Track Template was hand-crafted & arranged by our industry professionals with over 20 years of experience - providing you with a powerful kickstart in creating your own Peak Time Techno Tracks!

This Template comes with a variety of samples & presets so you can find your perfect sound immediately & destroy the clubs!

Stop wasting your time and use this blueprint to make something awesome and get the attention your music deserves! 

NO Plug-Ins Needed

To make things as easy and convenient as possible for you, we used no external plug-ins. You have access to carefully crafted Synths, FX, Percs, Drums, and much more...Build with the famous Analog & Wavetable. 

You can even copy & paste these into your old projects to spark the magic and break creative blocks! 

So Grab your Copy now!  :-)


This Track Template was designed to be the perfect starting ground for making your vision come together. 

The arrangement & elements will make the crowd move like crazy and give you an unfair advantage over other producers.

Stop wasting your time and use this blueprint with club-ready samples, arrangement & infinite inspiration.

A proven foundation for your next Track! 

Track elements preview 


  • The Track Template 
  • Studio Recorded Samples
  • Flexible Parameters 
  • MIDI Files
  • Instant Results
  • Instrument Presets

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Emilian D.
Thank you bro!

I find it really usefull because i have started music production and i want to learn how can i make such powerfull tracks and projects like you 🙏 but a lot of things i don't understand