Melodic House & Techno Presets for Serum

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Unleash Your Creative Power with Weltsound's Melodic House & Techno Serum Preset Pack!

The Weltsound Serum Preset Pack draws inspiration from acclaimed artists like Innellea, ARTBAT, Hidden Empire, and more.

We've channeled this inspiration to craft presets that empower every artist to produce exhilarating Melodic House & Techno tracks.

Let the Weltsound Melodic House & Techno Serum Preset Pack inspire the magic within you. This robust pack features 70 Serum presets, including enchanting Pads, powerful Leads, and ethereal FX Sounds.

Designed to produce a driving and atmospheric Melodic Sound, these presets will transport your listeners into the next dimension.

Elevate your productions with Weltsound's creative palette today.

These Weltsound Melodic house & Techno Presets will…

• FIND the missing LINK in your music
• CREATE music that will set the club on FIRE
• ADD a new level of ENERGY and drive to your tracks
• DIVE INTO creative FLOW STATES because of the ease of    access to great sounds
• ELEVATE your track to new heights
• STREAMLINE your WORKFLOW and push your pace
• INSPIRE you with professional QUALITY sounds

Every preset comes loaded with flexible and customizable parameters so they easily slide into your vision

Discover an expansive world of infinite creativity.


This preset pack for xfer Serum will give you

  • 20 x Driving Leads
  • 20 x Strong Basses
  • 15 x Unique Pads
  • 10 x Wild FX
  • 5 x Crispy Percs
  • Flexible Parameters

Customer Reviews

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Very functional presets

Cool sounds and ideas to fulfill my projects! I recommend

Michael U.
Useful sounds

Some useful presets in there

Desmond M.
From The Mitchell Project

Very happy, great follow up support & a big thank you