Artist Pack - Julian Muller "No Limits"


Julian Muller - DJ & Producer from France, based in Berlin, doesn’t need an introduction. 

He became famous spinning vinyls and going through all kinds of Techno, always trying to stand out in his record’s selection to maintain a dancefloor up for hours if not days! 

His Tracks are being played by DJ's around the globe (Nastia, Caica, MRD...) and rise up the beatport charts with each new release! 

His sound has no genre limits, always seeking to bring good emotions.
But also exploring different spectrum of electronic music while always trying to keep his own touch on it.

With his personal Artist Sample Pack, he delivers all the ingredients to create music that destroys every dance floor! 


    Julian is well known for destroying clubs & beatport charts over and over again with his hard but uplifting tracks.

    He became one of the most influential producers with a sound that has no genre limits, always seeking to bring emotions.But also exploring different spectrum of electronic music while always trying to keep his own touch on it.

    A Sample pack like no other 

    Having years of experience & building a successful music career, Julian knows that using the right samples from the start makes a dramatic difference in your results.

    He has hand-crafted his signature sounds he’s been stashing up over his career for you to use in your own tracks right now.


    Julian Muller made his dreams happen through his music and is by now considered one of the most influential DJs& producers in the techno community.
    Get inspired by his sound that has proven to hit the top 10 Beatport charts time after time.

    All of his samples are designed for slaying the club and make people dance for hours...

    NO compromise 

    Julian Muller put everything that you need in this pack, so you can waste no time and do what you do best—creating amazing music. 

    If you want to create professional-quality Tracks that blow the minds of your listeners - This pack is a must. 
    Reaching from powerful drum loops to retro-style synths. This pack has it all - coming from one of todays Techno legends. 



    • 10 x Atmos & Pads
    • 12 x FX Sounds
    • 19 x Synth Shots
    • 15 x Kicks
    • 15 x Synths 
    • Made for the club
    • 18 x Drum Loops
    • 10 x Claps & Snares
    • 15 x Hat shots
    • 5 x Breakbeat Loops
    • Works in any DAW
    • By Julian Muller 

    Customer Reviews

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    So nice!

    Julian's sound was always inspiring! So great to have access to his sounds. Really something special and worked great with my style of producing