Inspiration to Start 2022 in the Studio

Inspiration to start 2022 in the studio 

Happy new year fellow music producer! We hope you’ve had a great start into 2022 and that you’re going to have an awesome year – producing a lot of music! I want to share 5 tips with you to start your producing year with a lot of inspiration! 

  1. Make a Track in a different Genre 

Sometimes it helps a lot changing your perspective a little bit. Finding new ideas for your music is not always easy, interestingly enough making different music often helps to get new ideas for your actual sound in the first place. Whether it’s a new drum groove that draws your attention or different sound design approaches – working in a new genre will be super inspiring and lead you ways you never thought you could go! 

  1. One Lead Challenge

In a lot of electronic genres modern music is complex and layers various melodies and synthesizers to create a unique soundscape. But the most successful tracks, those you can’t get out of your head, have something in common: They seem very easy and mostly revolve around one particular lead sound and melody that gets build up and down over the track. I want you to find a nice melody and choose one sound that plays it. Use nothing else! Try to build the whole arrangement with only one melody! You can change the pattern here and there, switch octaves, do sound design on the Synthesizer – there’s a thousand ways to make this one sound interesting! 

  1. Drums Only Challenge

This one might be a little harder for some genres, but it’s still a good exercise and will help you to get very creative – make a full track using only drums! No synthesizer-melodies at all. In the beginning it will seem a little empty but when you work your way through you will find ways to create tension and a nice arrangement by only working with the drums. You will probably use a lot of Send and Return channels and different drum layers. Get crazy on this one! 

  1. Try a new Synth

You never worked with Wavetable Synthesizers? No idea how FM-Synthesis works? You normally don’t like subtractive synthesis too much? Choose this one Synth-technique you never use and just test it out – with the knowledge you already have about other Synthesizers you will quickly be able to get nice sounds here as well and learn a lot new stuff! 

  1. Sort your Samples and Presets

This one is by far the most underrated task ever! It’s just such a creative boost, when you’re done going through the thousands of samples you have and delete some and bring them in better order. Same goes for presets! It’s a relief to get rid of some chaos in your (virtual) studio – it will basically feel like cleaning your whole flat. 

Whatever you do to start the year: Keep a positive mind and have fun making music! Weltsound wishes you a fantastic producer-year.